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A very cute teddy bear made from the clothing of a loved one who has passed

Hello there,

I’m reaching out to share something truly close to my heart –

I understand personally how the absence of a loved one leaves a space that words cannot fill.

My mission with

To offer you a tangible piece of comfort, a keepsake teddy bear, crafted by hand from a cherished item of your loved one's own clothing.

Each bear is far more than just a memento, it’s a warm, huggable connection to the memories of that special person, young or mature, that you miss and hold so very dearly.

My handcrafted bears are not toys, they are personal memorials, lovingly made by hand to keep your loved one’s spirit close to your heart & part of your daily life.

In times of loss, it's the small things that often bring the greatest comfort. A familiar scent, a certain texture, a shared memory.

This is why I created Legacy Bears. aims to encapsulate these precious moments in a unique and handmade teddy bear.

It's my way of helping you hold on to those irreplaceable memories, offering a comforting presence in your journey of remembrance and healing.

The Team & I are working hard to bring our website and our service to you as soon as we can.

And all our bears, each with their own story, your story and unique character, are going to be available to you very soon.

So they can become your special remembrance companions.

Please bookmark my website & stay tuned for our launch, so you can be ready and among the first to embrace a truly heartwarming way to keep your loved one's memory alive.

With warmth and understanding,



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